The Plan

Support History on the Block

Thanks to the efforts....

....Of the "Save the Block" campaign and the Jackson Hole Land Trust, we have an opportunity to be a contributing partner in this community solution by purchasing the southeast corner of the property and relocating JHHSM operations and assets there to create a permanent Home For Our History. The other businesses on the block, locally owned and operated, are investing in their lots and buildings and now have the opportunity to own permanent business space.

We will do the same. The greenspace on the block and around the historic buildings will be permanently protected by land and character easements which will be held and managed by the Land Trust as community space.


Our Goal....

....Is to build a new campus on the protected block and relocate to a permanent location, consolidating our dispersed locations, economizing our operations, and giving history a stage from which we can honor local heroes and be reminded of the giants who came before.

A public-private partnership makes this vision a reality: our future fundraising campaign and sale of current offic space, combined with a successful SPET vote, will make your history museum a permanent presence of programming, education, and exhibits in the heart of downtown.

Your vote counts! Please vote YES on our SPET ballot, Proposition #8, on November 5. Together we can create a Home For Our History, forever securing a space to celebrate and uphold our Jackson Hole heritage.