Who's Involved

Support History on the Block

JHHSM is led by executive director Morgan Jaouen, a passionate and knowledgeable historian and leader who has lived in the valley for 9+ years -- working a variety of jobs but always involved with the cultural resources of the Jackson Hole area. She is surrounded by a team of deeply rooted Jacksonites and local leaders who not only understand and feel the importance of authentic public interest, but who know-how to effectively meet those needs to best serve their community.

The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum Board of Directors comprises political leaders like State Senator Mike Gireau, former mayor and longtime local business owner Jeff Crabtree, former town manager Bob McLaurin, former council member Bob Lenz. Prominent business leaders like Sara Vangenderen, Don Jaekle, and John Lummis. Foundational valley family representatives like Reade Dornan also serve. Educators like Sherry Smith, Cheryl Katz, and Christy Smirl serve. And deeply involved community members like Jim Hunt, Bill Best, Clayton Andrews, and Marlin Risinger. The Advisory Council includes important valley leaders from all walks, including Lynn Friess, Clarene Law, and Matt Turner.

We have also partnered with local experts to bolster the operations of the project, including CLB Architects to lead on the design of our campus, and Flitner Strategies, Inc. to ensure clear communication for our project at every turn. Our support committee, Friends of History on the Block, offers local advocacy and insight.

Last, but certainly not least, is YOU! Our organization is built on celebrating the unique heritage of Jackson Hole, and that means the incredible people who make this place so special. This is the community’s museum, and our plan is to build a permanent campus that engages you all in a meaningful way. We have the vision, and we need your support to make it a reality.

Friends of History on the Block

  • Clarene Law, co-chair
  • Joe Albright
  • Bill Best
  • Hunter Christiansen
  • Tom Holland
  • Don Jaekle
  • Cheryl Katz
  • Jim Rooks
  • Bob Shervin
  • Willi Brooks, co-chair
  • Jeff Crabtree
  • Jim Darwiche
  • Lauren Dickey
  • Alex Klein
  • Allie Knetzger
  • Pete Lawton
  • Brett Simic
  • Christy Smirl
  • Sherry Smith
  • Marlin Risinger, Treasurer
  • Greer Freed
  • Mike Gireau
  • Bruce Hawtin
  • Bob McLaurin
  • Leanne Moore
  • Maggie Moore
  • Jenny Wolfrom
  • Katherine Wonson

Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum Board of Directors

  • Jim Hunt, President
  • Jeff Crabtree
  • Reade Dornan
  • Mike Gireau
  • Don Jaekle
  • Clayton Andrews, Vice President
  • Marlin Risinger, Treasurer
  • Cheryl Katz
  • Bob Lenz
  • John Lummis
  • Bill Best, Secretary
  • Bob McLaurin
  • Christy Smirl
  • Dr. Sherry Smith
  • Sara VanGenderen

Key JHHSM Staff

  • Morgan Albertson Jaouen
  • Becky Kimmel